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That's what all of these works are for - so I can learn About Me. I know many are like me and curious about people, the natural world, and this life. Walking around asking questions, examining things, exploring, wandering. My writing is a product of all that.
We all need a place to tell our story. I want to tell mine in pieces - creative pieces - in essays, in poetry, in visuals. I want to share with you what matters to me. The moments that had me wanting more and those that felt like they'd never end. They all offered guidance, creating markers to growth.
Returning to my culture and teachings has renewed my love for community. All communities I belong to. I discovered this word - Philoxenos - it's of greek origin and means "love of strangers". I think I have that. Strangers have so much to teach me. 
I'm a proud onkwehon:we. I am Kanien'kéha and I don't melt easily so don't bother trying to add me to your pot.

About Me: About Me
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